Want to Feel Better Today?

March 26, 2018


Want to feel better today?

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Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with doing that we forget to just "be." Why does this matter? It can make all the difference between feeling good and feeling terrible. Before taking care of everything that need to get done, get yourself "set up" to take action from a place that feels good!

Your Mindful Step for this week

1.Choose one quality you want more of in your life right now (joy? love? peace? fun? etc...).

2. Write it down and post it somewhere you will see in your morning routine AND/OR write it in your smart phone to pop up each morning when you wake up as a reminder.

3. Each morning this week, ask yourself "How can I bring a little bit more of this quality into my life today?"

Okay... I guess there are three steps in your Mindful Step this week, but setting up the reminder is a way to ensure you are set up to bring more of that good feeling quality into your life each day this week.

In your free ebook Rock Solid From the Bedroom to the Boardroom we talk about the importance of setting up your emotional integrity each day. Today's Mindful Step might just end up being part of your unique Integrity Setup.

As always... our goal is to provide you a simple step to practice each week that will help you bring a little more joy, love, hope, peace and fun into your life!

Let us know what quality you choose to boost this week by commenting on our FB Page (or better yet join us LIVE at 8:30am PT every Monday) and SHARE this Mindful Step with anyone you know who wants to feel just a little bit better now!

The #1 Action You Can Take TODAY to Make All of Your Relationships Better

February 20, 2018

It’s still early in the New Year, but you may already feel like things are not changing. Especially in your relationships.

And you have no idea what to do to make all your relationships better.

With so much negativity and heartache, it sometimes feels like no matter what you do or no matter how hard you try, everything just stays the same… or gets worse.

So what can you do?

Change your mindset

What exactly do I mean by that?

Consider this. How many times at work or at home, do you wish and hope that someone else would just change?

Maybe you wish they would do something differently or talk to you in a different way?

Or, How often do you find yourself judging or blaming someone else for a disagreement, argument or even a fight? You might say nothing to them, but it is that internal voice saying “He’s so rude!” or “She’s so ridiculous” or “I hate him!” or so many other unkind words that keeps you spinning in this critical place.

If only they would change their bad habits or patterns, be nicer or kinder or more loving to you, then things would be better. Right?

Not really. They will probably continue being the way they have been in the past. And it won’t help to make all your relationships better.

Why does this thinking get you into trouble?

First of all, you have NO control over anyone else’s thoughts, words or actions. Second, because you have no control over anyone else, any and every time you start judging or blaming someone or just plain hoping or expecting them to act a certain way, you give all of your power away to them.

And that does not feel good.

Regain your Power

So, what is this #1 action you can take TODAY, to make all your relationships better?

Bring all your power back to you and realize and accept that it all starts with you!

What does this mean? (keep reading…)

(This article was orignially written for Live Purposefully Now)


Rock Solid from the Bedroom to the Boardroom

January 04, 2018

Happy New Year! What's in store for you in 2018?

I hope lots of good stuff!

I just completed my first co authored book with William Poett and you can get a FREE copy of the ebook for a limited time!

The quality of your relationships holds the key to experiencing either heaven or hell on earth.

Unhealthy, codependent and generally toxic relationships negatively impact all areas of your life from your most intimate moments to how you show up at work and in your community.

Even though these unhealthy relationships can feel really bad, most people don’t realize that they have the power to change them. They waste valuable time, energy and money repeating the same unhealthy patterns month after month, year after year with stress, anxiety, overwhelm and depression often building to extremely high levels.

Imagine being trapped in an endless loop interacting in the same unhealthy ways, while getting frustrated, irritated and often angry that the other people in your life (from your partner to other drivers on the road) just don’t change. Even if most areas of your life are good, there might be that one relationship that always creates more pain and suffering in your life.

How do you get out of this loop? You boost your emotional intelligence so that you have the confidence you need to build and sustain empowering co-creative relationships.

Consistently building empowering co-creative partnerships from the bedroom to the boardroom not only feels good and is fun, it frees up precious time, energy and money to focus on the things that really do matter to you such as falling in love, securing financial abundance and positively impacting the world.

In this breakthrough book Rock Solid: From the Bedroom to the Boardroom, we have distilled over 50 years of combined research and experience in the fields of human performance and emotional intelligence. With my training and experience as a clinical psychologist working in hospitals, companies and with individuals facing challenging transitions and Bill’s experience as a close quarter combat instructor working with members of elite teams we have lots of direct experience around some of the best and worst relationships in the most extreme environments.

In this fun, easy to read book you can quickly grasp how to boost your emotional intelligence and begin creating more empowering and co-creative relationships. We will walk you through a simple four step process that you can begin using immediately. You will understand the power of this process, gain confidence in your ability to co-create and begin enjoying the freedom and ease of creating Rock Solid Relationships in every area of your life.

The most empowering takeaway from this book is that it begins with you. You will recognize that using this four step Rock Solid Process will allow you to show up in life as your very best self and begin immediately experiencing the love, success, abundance and positive impact you have always dreamed off.

Download your FREE E-book today.

Please take advantage of this FREE offer, read it and tell me what you notice.

Much love,


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