Episode 2-The Dr. Laura Ciel Show-Personal Growth, Dr. Eric Goodman and Denise Duffield-Thomas

Dr. Eric Goodman (www.foundationtraining.com) and Denise Duffield-Thomas (www.deniseduffieldthomas.com/) come on The Dr. Laura Ciel Show to talk about personal growth and achievement.

Being Real and Launching My Radio Show!

April 17, 2012

Wow! This has been an incredible few weeks. Nothing like putting yourself out there in a most vulnerable way and going for it all out! Being Real. Being me and not running away.

I have no idea where I got the idea to do a radio show. It almost fell into my lap and yet it didn’t. I kept being drawn to this although my background, education and training would argue against it. In my personal quest to be me and allow whatever I am intended to bring into this world to surface… the radio show idea just kept showing up in one form or another. I just wasn’t sure how it fit into my “business plan”.

So, you know what I did? I abandoned my old patterns and listened to what kept popping up in my heart and deep within me. And this is what it was: I love my work with individuals and groups AND I want to reach more people! There are so many people who feel disconnected, alone, frustrated, sad, scared, whatever who might be inspired by another’s story, a piece of another human being’s journey.

So, out the window how to make a “business plan” out of it and “out the window” with training and education in putting on a show and IN with listening to my heart and going for it! I love helping people tell their stories, not necessarily the ones that we all have practiced, but those deep stories that are real and that resonate with other people.

And this is where I found myself the night before the premier of The Dr Laura Ciel Show. I was so scared I couldn’t even speak into the mic as we checked equipment; seriously NOTHING came out of my mouth. My mind was blank and the room felt to be about 100 degrees. The adrenaline coursing through my body made sure I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t eat and I couldn’t even run the next morning without stopping and gasping for air.

I asked myself why this intense response and this is what I knew. I knew this is what I was meant to do and I wanted to do it full-out, not give up on myself and do the best I could. Last Wednesday as the red clock counted down to my time on the air, I closed my eyes and trusted that what was meant to happen would happen. It was AMAZING! And I’m sure my three station engineers sighed a big breath of relief (they only needed one there, but I think they were all worried).

Not that there aren’t plenty of areas to improve on, but I did it the best I could for where I was. I was flying so high after that hour ended and I knew that this is where I was meant to be at this particular time. Everything just clicked into place, it was fun and I have gotten so much feedback that listeners found it interesting, informative and inspiring which is exactly what I was aiming for.

I couldn’t wait to start planning the next few shows!

I don’t know where this will end up going, but I do know that this is where I need to be right now. I’m excited about tweaking it, about interviewing new guests and I’m excited about listeners with questions who will want to call in. I am sharing some of my own personal journey here so that you will know a bit more about me, but also so that when you ponder the things that happen in your own life, you might just pause and listen with both your brain and your heart.

And I hope you listen in this week as I interview Denise Duffield-Thomas and Dr Eric Goodman about their journeys on the path of personal growth and achievement. I’m so excited!

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