Episode 93 -The Dr. Laura Ciel Show-with SusanSokol Blosser

On Today's show Dr. Laura Ciel speaks with Susan Sokol Blosser (susansokolblosser.com) about her life travels, business ventures and her book "Letting Go". Susan Shares her experiences in the wine industry and how she over comes obstacles and lives a fulfilled life. Susan is a business executive, environmentalist, food and wine lover, community activist, author, and avid gardener.

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Your Imagination- the Happiest Place on Earth…At Least it Should Be!

March 09, 2015

Your Imagination- The Happiest Place on Earth? 


Do you want to play? Do you still remember how? Would you allow us to take you and your imagination on one of the yummiest, greatest, wildest, most beautiful and without a doubt the most fun adventure of our lifetimes?

All it requires is a little trust and a whole lot of imagination. To begin, take in a really big breath and as you exhale let go of fear, doubt, worry and most importantly limitations.

Why? Because our imaginations are limitless and within them, all things are possible! If you can see it, feel it…really experience it… then there’s a very good chance you can actually create it… we’ll save the discussion on that thought for another day.

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Episode 92- The Dr.Laura Ciel Show with Chef Mike Ward

On Today's show Dr. Laura Ciel speaks with Mike Ward a Chef, Father, TV director/Producer & Writer(www.www.chefmikeward.com) about creativity and what inspires him. Mike shares his experience in stretching his creativity and how he stays creative throughout his career.

Beginning his cooking career at the age of 17 in Sydney, Mike went on to prepare meals for the likes of President Clinton, Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise. Cooking in some of Australia's and Canada's most acclaimed restaurants (Zigolini’s and The Basement in Australia, Prego Della Piazza and Shark City in Toronto), Mike has led an eclectic culinary career.

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