Why 1One World Leadership?

May 03, 2011

As the website goes up it seems the first blog might want to answer that question. What does it mean? What do we do? Why should you care?!

With my background in Clinical Psychology I spent a lot of time researching, discussing and theorizing about change and working with people to change. I consulted in hospitals and medical clinics when there were crises and change was needed. I worked with individuals and also teams within the system. When I was living in France, I was asked if I would do the same thing within business settings, especially with people who were struggling with cultural transitions and change within the business setting. Two issues always stood out: 1) People sought my help when they no longer could function within the current situation or the system itself was breaking down (Help!) and 2) My work with one person or one group ALWAYS had an effect on those around them. Although I was passionate about helping people I wanted to impact more people and I wanted to have that impact BEFORE  (or during) the crisis, if possible. 1One World Leadership was created to provide a way to do just that.

Change is inevitable.

This needs to be a basis for the work we do... the idea that transformation is happening within individuals, within groups, within organizations in this moment, all over the world. When we make a shift, it reverberates around the world. "Be the change you want to see" said Mahatma Ghandi. Part of my passion for my work comes from the idea that we are all interconnected and if we become more aware of this connection with ourselves and with others as we transform our lives, we can create a more amazing world to live in. There is power in connecting with others and seeing ourselves as part of a whole. We have an effect on others whether we intend it or not. Let's make that impact more intentional. Let's CREATE  our transformation rather than react to it.  

The "Leadership" part of this company is because we focus on leaders. Leaders quite simply LEAD others. They guide and direct. They often have a sense of what is emerging and are able to harness their creativity and intuition to help others sense it. They take risks and are not run by the judgement of others. The particular way this is done is as varied as the individuals or the groups/organizations. Leadership might show up in creating music that moves others, investing in a start-up venture, creating peace between organizations/countries, teaching others about a new approach/technology, finding a solution to a problem or running a multinational campaign or company... there is no end to the possibilities. At this moment, the world is entering a dynamic stage of transformation. The most powerful leaders will be  those of you who sense the changes before they actually happen and through awareness, connection, clarity and action you will be the ones who help create what is emerging. Your leadership will be intentional and the impact will be huge.


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