Episode 89-The Dr. Laura Ciel Show-with Norah and Laura from Salty Girl Seafood

On Today's show Dr. Laura Ciel speaks with Norah Eddy and Laura Johnson from Salty Girl Seafood(www.saltygirlseafood.com) about their journey with Salty Girl Seafood and why they have a passion for seafood, fisheries, and the ocean.

"The inspiration for Salty Girl Seafood came from the passion of three young women to see the health of the oceans, fisheries, and fishing communities continue long into the future. Salty Girl Seafood is committed to supporting fishing communities around the world that use responsible practices, and to empowering fishermen to directly market their products." - Salty Girl Seafood

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Stepping Into 2015 with Power

December 30, 2014

Yesterday I was doing my consulting work in a hospital and I was struck very hard with an image that made me cry, in the room, with a patient. Why? Because I could FEEL his fear, I could FEEL his sadness and I could feel his desire for something more.

But it was more than that because it was like I was feeling everyone’s fears, sadness and yearnings. I could feel my own fear of the unknown, my own sadness of mistakes and choices made along my path that have brought pain and I could feel my own desire to live my life as fully as possible and with as much love and gratitude possible

You may be facing something quite difficult right now in your life. Or perhaps not. Even if things are going along quite well for you and your family, it is normal that as the year ends and we look toward 2015, we consciously or unconsciously do a type of  “life review”.  Some questions you might ask yourself to do this review more consciously include:

What lessons, what challenges did you face in 2014?

What are you grateful for?

Where did you most powerfully step into your power? And where did you hide?

What thrilled you this year?

What scared you?

When did you feel like you were speaking/behaving in integrity and with love and compassion?

What do you want more of in 2015?

What would it feel like to have more peace in your life? More love? More gratitude?

One way to approach the New Year is to ask questions such as these and see what comes up. As you look toward 2015, can you sense, feel, see yourself living the life you dream of and experiencing the New Year from a place of peace, joy, compassion, gratitude and love?

I do my work in the world because I am compelled to offer others, to offer you, the opportunity to really live the life you were meant to live… to stop hiding, stop settling and start being all of who you are.  How does that sound?

I would love to hear your thoughts/experiences around this time of year so please feel free to connect with me via email or right here and share with the community. You can share answers to any of those questions or just how you approach the end of the year.

Lots of good stuff coming your way in 2015! I can feel it!




Episode 88-The Dr. Laura Ciel Show-with Author and Spiritual Mentor, AmyJo Mattheis

On Today's show Dr. Laura Ciel speaks with AmyJo Mattheis, (www.howlloudwithamyjo.com) about how she helps others rewrite their stories and guides them to be a honest expression of who they really are.

AmyJo Mattheis is best known as the “Bad Ass Feminine Truth Teller” who HOWLS LOUD while spiritually mentoring individuals to find their own howl and let it out! Her work frees women and men from the confining stories that limit their passion, play and purpose by teaching real, accessible tools that re-ignite the fires of their relationships, becoming the designers of the life they want!

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