Want to Feel Better Today?

March 26, 2018


Want to feel better today?

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Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with doing that we forget to just "be." Why does this matter? It can make all the difference between feeling good and feeling terrible. Before taking care of everything that need to get done, get yourself "set up" to take action from a place that feels good!

Your Mindful Step for this week

1.Choose one quality you want more of in your life right now (joy? love? peace? fun? etc...).

2. Write it down and post it somewhere you will see in your morning routine AND/OR write it in your smart phone to pop up each morning when you wake up as a reminder.

3. Each morning this week, ask yourself "How can I bring a little bit more of this quality into my life today?"

Okay... I guess there are three steps in your Mindful Step this week, but setting up the reminder is a way to ensure you are set up to bring more of that good feeling quality into your life each day this week.

In your free ebook Rock Solid From the Bedroom to the Boardroom we talk about the importance of setting up your emotional integrity each day. Today's Mindful Step might just end up being part of your unique Integrity Setup.

As always... our goal is to provide you a simple step to practice each week that will help you bring a little more joy, love, hope, peace and fun into your life!

Let us know what quality you choose to boost this week by commenting on our FB Page (or better yet join us LIVE at 8:30am PT every Monday) and SHARE this Mindful Step with anyone you know who wants to feel just a little bit better now!

The #1 Action You Can Take TODAY to Make All of Your Relationships Better

February 20, 2018

It’s still early in the New Year, but you may already feel like things are not changing. Especially in your relationships.

And you have no idea what to do to make all your relationships better.

With so much negativity and heartache, it sometimes feels like no matter what you do or no matter how hard you try, everything just stays the same… or gets worse.

So what can you do?

Change your mindset

What exactly do I mean by that?

Consider this. How many times at work or at home, do you wish and hope that someone else would just change?

Maybe you wish they would do something differently or talk to you in a different way?

Or, How often do you find yourself judging or blaming someone else for a disagreement, argument or even a fight? You might say nothing to them, but it is that internal voice saying “He’s so rude!” or “She’s so ridiculous” or “I hate him!” or so many other unkind words that keeps you spinning in this critical place.

If only they would change their bad habits or patterns, be nicer or kinder or more loving to you, then things would be better. Right?

Not really. They will probably continue being the way they have been in the past. And it won’t help to make all your relationships better.

Why does this thinking get you into trouble?

First of all, you have NO control over anyone else’s thoughts, words or actions. Second, because you have no control over anyone else, any and every time you start judging or blaming someone or just plain hoping or expecting them to act a certain way, you give all of your power away to them.

And that does not feel good.

Regain your Power

So, what is this #1 action you can take TODAY, to make all your relationships better?

Bring all your power back to you and realize and accept that it all starts with you!

What does this mean? (keep reading…)

(This article was orignially written for Live Purposefully Now)


The More You Stay in Reaction, The Less you Feel Joy and Freedom

August 07, 2017

Have you ever wondered why you haven't experienced the joy and success you imagine?

...Or maybe you start to experience it and then it seems that everything just goes back to the way it was before?

(Today's blog is an excerpt from one Bill Poett and I co-created for our Mindful Creators Club members, I hope you enjoy it too)

If you are reading this I know you want a little more in your life... maybe a little more joy or a little more fun, a little more success or a little more love! Maybe you want a LOT more of these things... but something always seems to get in your way.

Ever feel like you are running around trying to "deal with" headaches and problems all around you? Or maybe you start the day off feeling good, but you get upset about something that someone said or did on social media, in the news or on the road or in a store and it throws your whole day off?

Or perhaps you leave a social gathering, a meeting or dinner feeling like the energy has been sucked out of you and you feel heavy and tired...

Why is that?


You've heard the expression "you are what you eat". Did you know that over time you succeed or fail based on the thoughts, people and things you focus on? Einstein proved that 99.999999% of the universe is made up of energy and space, yet most of us have developed the habit of reacting to the physical stuff in front of us (0.00001% of all that is). This is why nothing seems to change.

If energy is almost 100% of what is... you can see why this road block may be messing with your capacity to reach your dreams. Reacting to what is around and in front of you that you don't like or even spending time in situations that don't feel good is taking away energy from all the good yummy stuff that you really want. Everyone does this at times... sometimes something just is so surprising or emotionally charged that we react immediately. The key is to move out of REACTION and into MINDFUL ACTION.



The most joyful men and women, MINDFUL CREATORS, learn how to connect with, protect and use the energy within and around them by learning how to pause. Just when the world seems so chaotic that you can't imagine pausing for 10 seconds is exactly when it will most serve you.

You can start doing this right now. When you start to feel heavy, stressed, scared or overwhelmed take a few moments to pause. Deepen and lengthen your breaths while connecting to what really matters in  your heart. We go into details about how to do this in the Academy for those who get stuck on this roadblock, but give it your best shot today and see what shifts for you!

Old patterns and habits are sticky, taking up lots of energy and holding you back from what you really yearn for. Finding JOYFUL PAUSES sounds like a good idea, but often bringing this into a natural habit can be challenging. One of the first things our Mindful Creators Academy (the Lifetime training Academy that I co-created with Bill Poett) team members learn when they join is that they are not alone on this journey.

Energy is contagious and surrounding yourself with a community that supports you in your journey is huge. One of the things our team loves most about the Academy is the fact that the moment you join,  you are connected to a highly engaged, respectful, loving and supportive tribe.

You are not alone. Finding yourself falling back into reactivity? Looking for ways to create more "joyful pauses"? In addition to all the training you receive in the Academy that trains you in this process, you get great insights and inspirations from others in the community. How awesome is that?

However, even if you are not ready to join the Mindful Creators Academy, you can do this on your own... it might take a bit more focus and a bit more time, but you can. Just begin by noticing when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, irritable and/or anxious. Then, give yourself a moment to pause and breathe more slowly. Then, think of something you love and/or something that you are grateful for. Then, decide what you need to do next. That's it! If you do that every time, you will start to shift our of reaction and into more joyful action!

Or maybe you already have a practice that works great for you. Share it! And share what shifts as you do this more mindfully in your life.


Dr Laura & Bill

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