Birthday Wish

December 07, 2011

Birthday Wish
It’s my birthday today!

Not sure I will say how old I am, but let’s just say that I have gained some wisdom over the years, especially the last few. And I’ve learned that it is up to me to create the life I want. So I stopped waiting for others to do it and took the responsibility head on. As a result, my life is richer, more meaningful, more joyful and more “me” than it used to be. And I am so grateful for my life, my friends, my family and every new person I meet on this journey. This is a day of gratitude for my life. Thank you mom and dad.

As a gift to myself this year I woke up in Bali, December 7, preparing to ride a bike down the side of the volcano here. A few years back I realized that I didn’t really want gifts or a party. What I really wanted was to travel somewhere new by myself if possible. I am an adventurer. I love to explore new places and meet new people. It is so much easier to do this when you are alone and when you are open.

I get a lot of strange reactions to this passion of mine. Some people view it as an act against my kids or friends (hmm… whose birthday is it again? My kids actually understand it better than most!). Others are quietly envious (oh.. I wish I could do that instead of this party my wife wants me to have”) and others celebrate with me (“Love that you are clear on what you want and you go for it! Enjoy!”) In the end, it doesn’t matter to me what others think about this choice of mine, other than I hope it creates an inspiration for them to be clear about what is important in their lives and to follow through, even if the world doesn’t always support the choice. If you sit around waiting for it to happen (whatever it may be), you will be waiting a long time.

So this is my birthday wish if you want to take it on:

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you do just for you and how it honors you! I ask because I really want to know.