Episode 90-The Dr. Laura Ciel Show-with Misty Tripoli,Founder of The World GROOVE Movementâ„¢

On Today's show Dr. Laura Ciel speaks with MIsty Tripoli (www.MistyTripoli.com) about her journey through life with dance and how she uses this practice to help others. Misty encourages you to listen to your heart and make choices based on the question " what is kind for me first?"

Misty has become one of the World’s most innovative and engaging teachers, choreographers, body Image truth talkers and mind/body specialists. She has been touted as one of the most creative, controversial and influential teachers of our time. Her passion for truth, creativity and authenticity has inspired a
DANCE movement revolution of GROOVE communities across the globe. Her unique ability to translate powerful messages through body movement and language is truly unparalleled. Participants report Misty’s sessions to be life changing. (www.TheWorldGROOVEMovement.com)

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