Finding Your Voice

August 29, 2012


 I recently did a show on “Finding Your Voice” on The Dr Laura Ciel Show.   

Although the show itself had some technical issues… the topic is an important one and I wanted to speak about it here in case you missed it or couldn't hear it all.  You can incorporate this into your professional and your personal life right now.

When I talk about living an exceptional life I am speaking to the whole of who you are. Often, we neglect or forget core parts of ourselves. Or perhaps we shut it down because we feel ashamed of it or that others might not want “that part”. We can come up with lots of reasons for shutting out part of who we are, but we won’t be living full out if we continue to do that.

I believe that finding your voice means first becoming aware of all parts of yourself and becoming conscious about how they all play out in your life. How can you speak your truth in a relationship or even at work if you are not even paying attention to the whole of who you are? Let’s say you realize that you want to be more fully who you are in your day to day interactions. What next?

Are you speaking your truth to yourself? Have you found your voice inside? If not, work on making this clear. Be honest and impeccable with what matters to you in your life and what you feel you are meant to do in your lifetime. This is a huge step and not to be glossed over. Sometimes it helps to have a coach help you and other times you can do it alone. Don’t expect it to happen overnight. Make a commitment to figure it out and you won’t regret it.

Let’s say you are becoming more aware of this voice of yours… maybe not completely because it will never be “done” or “perfect” but you will sense it starting to take form and you will feel the urge to act on it, even if you are not sure what you should do. You start to notice that you feel compelled to make it more real or bring in more fully into the world. I like to say that you are starting to live from your heart, others may call in your higher self, your spiritual self but I think you know what I mean. I'm talking about the part that is independent of your ego and all the “shoulds” you have accumulated. What next?

Now you find your voice and speak it out loud. Yes, your circumstances may be different from the person next to you. Are you going to use this as an excuse? We are all unique and bring such amazing gifts into the world. If we don't speak our truth, we are not honoring our gifts. Part of owning who you are and finding your voice is embracing all parts of you just exactly where you find yourself in this moment.

Even if due to your particular circumstances (age, gender, nationality, career, etc…) you feel you cannot say everything out loud, say it silently to yourself. With attention, reflection, honesty and an ability to own your authentic self, you will be better able to speak from your heart. As you do this, you will find the universe will reflect this back to you and you will feel like you are more authentically living from this place within you. And it gets easier the more you do it, not to mention a whole lot of fun!

Finding your voice is just one aspect of living your exceptional life and you certainly need it to create more of what you want around you.

Post your thoughts and comments below. The community would love to hear your experiences with speaking your truth.

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