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It’s a Gnarly Beautiful World

January 20, 2016

You know the beauty of a fresh snowfall… where the pure, white snowflakes cover the dirt and grime left by the world? In that silent, pure moment when what existed all around you moments before is now completely covered? You almost don’t want to walk on the path because to do so, means forever changing that silky, delicate purity.

And there is a part of you that also yearns to run through it, lay in it or scoop it up into a snowball as well. You see options in front of you…it is a canvas waiting to see what you will do.

The beginning of a year can feel like that fresh layer of snow. The holidays and the end of the year rush at work and at home can get messy, emotional and gnarly at times and the New Year brings in a freshness, possibilities, a new canvas for you to paint. You say goodbye to the messiness and unrealized dreams of the last year and open up to what might be possible for you in your relationships, in your career, in your life as you start fresh in this new year.

As the days go by those hopes, dreams, “resolutions”… start to look and feel less “pure” and a little messier. The fresh layer of the new snow is starting to be a little less white and you can start to feel frustrated and icky about what you see in front of you. We tend to forget that whatever lies in front of us is a canvas, no matter what it looks like (no matter how messy it is).

Yet, we always have an opportunity to create, in each moment.

She’s lying in the hospital bed, still conscious, yet so very tired. Her organs are shutting down and although she isn’t ready to say goodbye to her husband and her children she knows she must. Her anger from seeing her life end more quickly than she had anticipated, actually brings her energy. “This isn’t fair!” “My kids need me… I can’t die!” she says out loud.

As she struggles with feelings of impotence and at times guilt, she remembers her baby girl being born and all the hopes and dreams she had that morning 13 years ago. “What happened?” she wonders. “Nothing is how I dreamed” and she starts to cry, waves of yearning flowing through her, alternating with fear of the unknown.

Her canvas is unwanted and looks dirty, yet within it is the opportunity to share her heart deeply with those she loves in ways she might never have seen before.


He drives home slowly, wondering how to tell her. She is ready for that trip to Hawaii they have been planning for so long. “I’m worthless” “I’m a loser” “Why would anyone want to be with me.” Briefly, he imagines ending his life knowing that he would never follow through with it, but enjoying a moment of thinking of a clean slate.. all done… no more worries… no more letting people down. Ten years working toward a dream and suddenly the dream is ripped out from under him with one conversation “the company is folding, you no longer have a position.”

This possibility was not his dream, yet with an open heart and the ability to show up in his vulnerability he might forever shift his relationship in deeply powerful ways and discover a hidden passion for service work in his community.

Professionally and personally, we face transitions all the time. Life gives us an opportunity in each moment to create from what is. Yet, with all the fears, failed dreams and messiness of life, it is often difficult to find a way to see the canvas in front of our eyes.

This is where the beauty lies… in the messiness. A mother creating a videotape for her angry teenage daughter, sharing her most precious memories and hopes for her as she lies dying in an ICU unit (and the daughter watching it years later when she misses her mother at her wedding).

The beauty lies in a devoted, loving husband opening up to his wife about his lost job and how he needs her love right now and her holding loving energy for him as he mourns one dream and opens to another one. It lies with a single father laughing with his children while yearning for a partner to share these moments. It lies with a once hostile board uniting around a shared vision for the organization.

Life is messy, but what beauty will you create from that messiness?

This is why I do the work I do. This is why my partner Bill does the work he does. You are worthy of living in joy and love, no matter what your reality is right now. This is why we want to reach as many people out there as we can who want to create and who want to live and love as joyfully as possible in this gnarly world we live in.

xx Laura

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For any other questions or if you want to know more about options of working with us, you can always email me .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)