No More Excuses

September 28, 2012

As I was prepping for an upcoming workshop I am presenting in Washington DC this month titled "Creating the Life You Want" I was thinking about what it is that stops us from naturally doing this. Why aren't we all living the life we want?

Some of the things that come to mind are fear, lack of clarity, negative talk, lack of confidence, the fact that it is easier to "just settle" for what is, and the idea that somehow others can do it but not us. Really, these are all just excuses.

There will always be something going on or some reason you can use as an excuse for NOT living the life you want. If you plan on waiting for that "perfect moment" you will be waiting quite a while. This is one of the reasons I started The Dr Laura Ciel Show. I want everyone to know that you can make a change right now. You don't have to wait.

Yes, if you stay focused on your problems, your struggles, your issues, you will be focusing on the excuses and will have less energy and drive to actively create the life you want. On the other hand, if you focus on the possibilities you will find more energy and excitement. If you drop the excuses and instead see your situation as an opportunity for growth, you can allow yourself to move forward. Curious if you are using excuses? Ask yourself this question:

"When will I start living the life I want?"

Now write down your answer. If there is anything there other than “I already am”… that answer is your big excuse (some examples might be “when I have more money”, “when I get a better job”, “when I finish school”, “when I lose weight”, “when I move, get out of this relationship, change my hair color… you get the idea).

Notice it, be curious about it and then wonder what might be possible if you changed your outlook to one of working “with” this obstacle/issue/struggle and embracing it in service of living the life you want.

This is how I choose my guests for The Dr Laura Ciel Show. I interview people who are wiling to speak openly about their own struggles and obstacles and how they moved forward in their lives without using these struggles as excuses or as crutches for not doing what was most meaningful for them.

Even if you are not a regular listener to the show, I wanted to share this blog with you because right now you can make a choice to embrace your struggles just as my guests have done and stop making excuses. You can take all that energy you have been wasting on fighting, resisting and complaining and you can mobilize it for creating more of what you want in your life.
You can start living your life full out and open up to the possibilities!

I would love to hear how you are doing this as well as where you are getting stuck so post a comment here or connect on my FB page so we all can share and learn!
And of course, if you ever want to book a private session with me to maximize your efforts contact me here.