Want to Feel Better Today?

March 26, 2018


Want to feel better today?

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Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with doing that we forget to just "be." Why does this matter? It can make all the difference between feeling good and feeling terrible. Before taking care of everything that need to get done, get yourself "set up" to take action from a place that feels good!

Your Mindful Step for this week

1.Choose one quality you want more of in your life right now (joy? love? peace? fun? etc...).

2. Write it down and post it somewhere you will see in your morning routine AND/OR write it in your smart phone to pop up each morning when you wake up as a reminder.

3. Each morning this week, ask yourself "How can I bring a little bit more of this quality into my life today?"

Okay... I guess there are three steps in your Mindful Step this week, but setting up the reminder is a way to ensure you are set up to bring more of that good feeling quality into your life each day this week.

In your free ebook Rock Solid From the Bedroom to the Boardroom we talk about the importance of setting up your emotional integrity each day. Today's Mindful Step might just end up being part of your unique Integrity Setup.

As always... our goal is to provide you a simple step to practice each week that will help you bring a little more joy, love, hope, peace and fun into your life!

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