Year End Review

December 28, 2012

It’s almost the end of 2012 and a great time to review your life. Some of you may want to look at where you are in your career, in your relationships and/or in your physical and emotional health. Others may find it easier to review where you are mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. If you think of your life as an opportunity to learn and to grow, have you been doing that to the best of your ability?

I have found myself speaking quite a lot lately about my growth with friends and colleagues. The last few years have given me so many opportunities to learn (and not always in the way I had hoped!). Perhaps this is true for you as well.

Or, maybe you have had a year of settling in, integrating past lessons and challenges. Either way, reviewing the past year on several levels gives you an opportunity to become more aware and conscious of your decisions and to lay the foundation for 2013l

Here are some questions to help jumpstart your own review.  Take a moment to reflect on each one. I like to think about  questions like this on runs or hikes, but you may prefer more quiet mediation. Either way… give it some space. Don’t answer too quickly.

The growth is in the exploration, partly because you will become more aware. This awareness will serve you well in planning for next year and achieving the goals and dreams you have going forward.

·      What are you most grateful for this past year?

·      Which of your values did you most honor in 2012? (if not clear about your values, take a moment to list them first or choose to work with a coach in identifying them)

·      What was your biggest struggle this past year? Why?

·      What has been your biggest lesson?

·      Where in your life, did you see the most growth? (In your relationships? At work? With your kids? In your health? Etc…)

·      When did you feel most ALIVE this year?

·      When did you feel most down?

·      What is your biggest regret, if any?

There are so many more questions I could give you, but these can get you started.

You could also listen to a segment or two of The Dr Laura Ciel Show archives as there are so many wonderful guests who have shared their journeys.

As you think about the upcoming year use these questions as foundation to start creating more of what you want in your life.  Your answers will show you what is important to you, what fulfills you and what does not, and where you might want to put your focus in 2013.

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