You Are Worthy

Mastering Your Emotions: An Interview of Dr Laura Ciel by Sarah Hannah

Insight into mastering your emotions in this recent interview of Dr Laura Ciel by Sarah Hannah. Learn ways of facing the difficult emotions and opening up to the joy and love in all situations.

Welcome to Life Advance International!  Living and Leading a Heart-Centered Life

Welcome to Life Advance International!!  Founders Dr. Laura Ciel and Bill Poett chat LIVE, introducing and welcoming you to Life Advance International. In this interactive show you are able to get to know Laura and Bill while they share the mission of LAI. Listeners are given a taste of the playful yet transformational trainings LAI provides to help you live and lead a heart-centered life. 
Dr. Laura Ciel and Bill Poett introduce the 9 Fundamental steps and the powerful integrated model that help you Advance more powerfully and joyfully into your life. They invite you to explore and experience Life Advance International and to stay tuned for a new show giving you more inspiration and tools for Advancing!

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