Create the life you know you want!

Tap into your full potential personally and professionally!

Have the impact you were meant to have in the world!

I just want to thank you for your wonderful radio show! I missed several weeks but just listened to 4 of them while I cleaned out my closet (it was a mess!) :) The interview with Jeff Arch, the writer of Sleepless in Seattle, was particularly meaningful and inspiring. I love the humility of all your guests and their willingness to share their struggles and triumphs. You have such a gift drawing them out and emphasizing the details that most of us can relate to....keep it up Dr. Laura!

- Katherine Franklin

You have certainly continued creating your life...and have helped so many others (not least of all me :) to do so too! Before our talk I was so far off center - I literally felt like I was watching myself come apart limb by limb. My head was wreaking havoc and my heart was heavy. After our conversation I felt light, love and a surrender to my greater self and faith in my path. Thank you.

- J.T.

Love your conversation style, your expertise and your clear and oblivious joy in engaging these topics...very infectious. I can feel your smile and connection through the airwaves (or internet waves in this case).

- E.C.

Terrific experience. Dr. Laura is knowledgeable, prepared, professional in every way, and has that way that exceptional interviewers have of making their guests feel very at-home and comfortable. This brings out a greater level of depth in the information that the guest provides.

- Bob Burg on being a guest of The Dr Laura Ciel Show

You have to keep doing this work Laura. I need you and so does everyone else like me out there. I can't wait to hear you on the radio!

- V.A.

I'm SO grateful to you Laura. Without your grit and power our group would not have made the leaps we are making. You bring us to the edge in seductive and strong ways.

- Vanessa


If you were completely clear about how your unique gifts, qualities, strengths were meant to impact the world and those living in it, would you feel compelled to act on this vision?

Maybe you have tried therapy or coaching before and it seems like you just were not able to make the changes that you wanted or perhaps you did but new situations are making you wonder if you need some more support now.  I know you can create more of what you want in your life, if you decide this is important to you.

THERAPY (NOT currently accepting any new therapy patients)

I am a licensed psychologist in the state of California and I can work with you in person in Santa Barbara or on the phone if you live in the state of California. I have extensive and successful experience in working with individuals who need a bit more than coaching and who may be facing some very difficult life situations. My therapeutic approach is eclectic and tailored specifically for you. For my credentials please go to the ABOUT page.


I am an accredited coach and can work with you wherever you live in the world through in-person (as travel permits) or phone sessions. Not everyone needs therapy and hiring a life coach can often help you jump start your life or get back on track. With my doctorate in Psychology and my extensive training and experience, I bring a depth and strength to my coaching that might surprise you.

If you are uncertain whether you need therapy or coaching, I offer a free 15 minute consultation for you to get to know me and for me to understand what you are looking for. I will have a good idea after the consultation which direction I would recommend.

If you just want to talk with me about whether you might want to hire me as your coach or psychologist, contact to discuss.

If you decide to work with me, I help you tap into your powerful resources and I support you in navigating through a particular stress, a crisis or transition so that you can create more of what you want in your life. Ask yourself these questions…

Are you facing…                               Do you want more …

Divorce?                                               Love?

Relationship Struggles?                        Connection with others?

Death?                                                  Joy?    

Medical/Health Issues?                      Laughter?

Loss or Change of Job/Income?          Ease?

Depression?                                         Gratitude?

Anxiety?                                              Fun?

Trouble sleeping?                                Focus?

Frustration?                                          Efficiency?

Struggles with your kids?                    Happiness?

Moving?                                             Meaning in Your Life

Culture Transition?

If you have tried therapy or coaching in the past or you question if you can really make the changes you want to see, I might be the right professional to help you in this period. I have been very successful with people who have been in therapy before and/or have worked with a coach previously without the results they wanted.

If you are high-profile in your professional or personal life, you can be assured that your privacy is protected from the moment you contact me for more information.

Organizations and Teams

Is your team or organization ready to rock the status quo? Do you want to create the most successful group possible? Are you ready to individually and collectively make big changes, take more conscious action and create meaning and impact in your business?

Most of the work I do for organizations/teams is through Life Advance International, a company co-founded my myself and Bill Poett. Whether you are part of a start-up, a team in a huge company or part of a non-profit entity, we customize our trainings to bring you and your team tools and processes that will serve you long after the off-site is done!

N addition, as an extension of the work I did for years on The Dr Laura Ciel Show and my desire to offer help to as many people as possible, I am also available to speak with your group on a variety of inspirational/motivational topics including, but not limited to:

·      Turning Challenges into Opportunities

·      Creating What You Want in Your Life

·      Creating Loving Relationships

·      Finding Balance in Your Life

·      Thriving in Divorce

·      Finding Life After the Death of a Loved One

·      Finding Your Power while Facing Your Challenge (i.e., health, relationship, finance, death etc…)

·      Creating a Life with Meaning

·      Thriving in Transition (i.e., young adulthood, retirement, loss of relationship, divorce, career change, parenthood etc..)

Making a decision to get help and support in your life is a huge first step. If you want someone who is passionate about helping you, has extensive training and experience and who has a strong track record with clients who have almost given up hope of change I might be the professional for you.